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    What is limit or recommenable documents count in a folder?

      Hi All,

      In content db 10.2, because of business requirements we cannot limit thie documents count less than 1000.
      There are too many files which should be packed as a folder, so we should upload more than 1000 documents in a folder. approximately 5000.
      I saw the recommned below in content db admin guide.
      Folders containing more than 1000 documents are slow in opening through WebDAV or the Web Client.
      To avoid this ensure that there are no more than 1000 Libraries in a single Container,
      and limit folders that will be opened frequently to contain less than 1000 documents
      If you have an experience or any idea what more than 1000 documents impacts to performance or operation of content db , please share with me.
      Additionally, recommendable max documents count in a folder.

      Thanks in adavances,