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    Oracle AdminServer

      hi everyone,

      can anybody give me some information about the product called AdminServer which oracle has recently acquired.....i couldnt find any related data on the oracle site regarding this product.....This is basically an insurance policy administration tool.i want to explore it..so if anybody is working on it, can give me some insight on it

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          James Mullarney-Oracle
          On 13th May 2008 Oracle announced today that it has agreed to acquire AdminServer, a rapidly growing provider of insurance policy administration software. AdminServer's product offering will become a core component of Oracle's existing insurance industry software that is used by more than one thousand insurers, including 20 of the top 20 global insurance companies.

          The AdminServer product line will significantly accelerate Oracle's investment in the insurance industry and be complemented by Oracle's existing insurance products such as Oracle Billing, Siebel Claims and Siebel CRM for Insurance.

          The combination of Oracle and AdminServer will result in a comprehensive, end-to-end insurance policy management solution that can manage multiple insurance product lines such as life, annuities and reinsurance. Additionally, AdminServer's management and employees will form a dedicated global business unit within Oracle, which will focus on providing critical operational applications to the insurance industry. AdminServer's CEO Rick Connors is now leading the new Insurance GBU as General Manager.

          "Most insurers still rely on legacy policy administration applications that are extremely inflexible and impede enterprise agility and efficiency," said Oracle President Charles Phillips. "Together, Oracle and AdminServer plan to deliver the most modern, comprehensive, standards-based and well-integrated enterprise software suite for the insurance industry."

          More information is available at http://www.oracle.com/adminserver.
          For all sales and support related information please reach out to "jim.rourke AT oracle.com"
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            Thanks a lot for replying....i have also learnt that oracle has not provided any demo version downloads for this product...correct me if i am wrong.

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              James Mullarney-Oracle
              There are no downloads available at this point but we are in the process of building out a solution factory where demo's and whitepapers will be available. Stay tuned.
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                We have recently found out that there is a downloadable version for oracle policy administartion tool in edelivery..

                has oracle come up with something on this product....can we get some support from oracle in obtaining a demo version ,so that we can have some hands-on and look for the licenced version thereafter.
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                  James Mullarney-Oracle
                  Thank you for your note. I am afraid there is no functional version of AdminServer PAS or Rules Palette available at this time available on eDelivery.

                  If you would like to see the application and discuss this further with AdminServer sales you can email the contact listed in the other threads regarding AdminServer.


                  Oracle Insurance Team
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                    Its available on edelivery.oracle.com........
                    can i download the oracle insurance policy administration media pack from there. Does it have a 30-day trial
                    or do i need licence to install it.. (my oraganisation has partners membership with oracle)
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                      James Mullarney-Oracle
                      After a little research there is an Oracle Insurance Policy Administration app on eDelivery, however it is incomplete. You can download it, but installing will not be possible for two reasons:

                      1.     It lacks installation documentation
                      2.     More importantly there would be no database to work with.

                      If you want to know more or get a copy of the application I suggest you contact Oracle Insurance Policy Administration Sales. For all sales and support related information please reach out to "jim.rourke AT oracle.com"

                      In addition you could reach out to your Oracle Partner.

                      Thank you for your inquiry and Happy New Year
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                        Oracle is planning to release database of OIPA v9.1 which includes Annuities on e-delivery website in next week or so.


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                          I do have a few architectural queries when it comes to using AdminServer.THe documentation available on the configuration of web-services on admin server is very scant.Other than the scanty available documentation of AsFile configuration, there is hardly any material available for use.

                          Can somebody help me out with this ?

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                            James Mullarney-Oracle
                            Dear Sir/Madam;
                            We have additional materials - but to access it is best to contact Oracle Support. You can also find additional support on Oracle hey MetaLink.
                            Kind regards
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                              Can we get the database of PAS Vesion 8? We are in the process of learning to configure rules in Version 8.
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                                edelivery.oracle.com is where you'll need to go. But before doing so, verify that you have the proper license to access/use OIPA.

                                You'll need to filter the Product Pact to Oracle Insurance Applications. There you will find part number B58474-01 that contains db versions for Oracle SQL and DB2.

                                Good luck!

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                                  Does anybody here knows how to configure an outbound webservice call in v8.? I do not know where to specify teh webservice url that i need to call.

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