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    loadjava JMF uploading problem

      Hi all,

      I am not sure whether this posting belongs here, but I'd give it a shot anyway ;-). I have developed a java class which generates thumbnails from uploaded videos (stored as BFILE on the Database server's filesystem). For this purpose, I use the Java Media Framework 2.1.1. Using loadjava -u MYUSER/MYPASSWORD@SID.myserver.com -r -v jmf.jar it starts uploading all the files, but at a certain point produces error messages that some references cannot be resolved. It starts with: "ORA-29534: referenced object MUMIS_MANAGER.jmapps/export/ExportWizard could not be resolved". The following messages look similar, just for hundreds of different classes. In non-verbose mode, loadjava reports "Errors: 0", but most of the uploaded files result invalid on the DB server. I also tried with the -order flag, but the results are the same. Strangely, when running a recompile of the classes, some do compile on the server. Even though, most remain uncompilable/invalid.

      Any help would be kindly appreciated.

      Thanks in advance,