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    Display bar chart of the currently selected row only

    Istvan Kiss
      I am using JDeveloper R11. I have a database table with four columns, for example ID, C1, C2, C3. The table has several rows.

      I have created an ADF BC model with a default ViewObject on the above table. Than on a JSPX page I would like to drop a bar chart, displaying all three columns (C1, C2, C3) of the currently selected row only.

      When I drop the DataControl on the page as a graph, I select horizontal bar chart type, define the bars as C1, C2, C3 and the Y axis as ID.
      <graph IterBinding="MyTableViewIterator" id="MyTableView"
             xmlns="http://xmlns.oracle.com/adfm/dvt" type="BAR_HORIZ_CLUST">
        <graphDataMap leafOnly="true">
              <item value="C1"/>
              <item value="C2"/>
              <item value="C3"/>
            <item value="ID"/>
      What I get is a group of 3 bars for all the rows in the table.

      My question: is there an easy way to display the 3 bars of the currently selected row in the View Object. I do not know, what can I write into the <groups> tag. I can change the row selection elsewhere in the application.


      Istvan Kiss