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    JDeveloper Can't connect to ESB & App Server

      I am having problems connecting jDeveloper to my integration environment. When I install the SOA suite locally, I have no problems. Also, when I perform a straight advanced install in a remote environment, I have no problems. Here is a rundown of the environment I am having a problem with:

      4 solaris zones - All s/w is Oracle

      2 zones (clustered) running oracle HTTP server as a front end to the other 2 zones. No OPMN port or OC4J instances on these servers
      2 zones (clustered) running the rest if the suite in multiple OC4J groups (ESB, WSM, etc.)

      The ports running in the HTTP instances are (8443, 7200, 7777)
      The ports running in the OC4J instances are: OPMN (6003), JMS (12605), AJP(12505), RMIS(12705), RMI(12405)

      I can access all of the functionality/consoles via the browsers at: http://http_zone_name:7777/esb (or whatever is needed: ccore, BPELAdmin etc.)

      When I try to connect jDeveloper, I first have to create an App server connection. the only way to get a successful connection is to connect to the OC4J instance, port 6003. i.e. NOT the HTTP Server. If I try the HTTP Server, I get a message like: "No OC4J process up for AS instance identified by domain: cluster-opmn-null+oc4j-httpserver-6003-default"

      So, I connect to the OC4J application server on port 6003 without issue.

      When I try to create an Integration Server connection, I get the following error when trying to connect:

      Application Server: OK
      BPEL Process Manager Server: FAILED
      ESB Server: FAILED

      I am assuming that is because there is no port 7777 on the OC4J instances, only the HTTP instances.

      So, if I create an app server connection to the HTTP server and ignore the connection test errors, I get the following error when trying to create an Integration Server instance:

      Application Server: FAILED
      BPEL Process Manager Server: OK
      ESB Server: OK

      I am assuming that is because the HTTP server is not running any OC4J instances but jDeveloper can connect to the ESB from port 7777.

      When I try to publish to the Integration Server (ESB) that I created in the last step, I encounter no errors. I log into the console and see the deployed routing services. When I try to view any concrete WSDL, I get:

      XML Parsing Error: no element found
      Location: http://httpserver:7777/esb/wsil/sittest/testfa_RS?wsdl
      Line Number 1, Column 1:

      Can anyone offer any suggestions on how to fix this? I have tried enabling/disabling proxies within jDeveloper...