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    Workflow notification when using CHECKIN_SEL_SUB?

      I wrote a custom component to check in a content item utilizing the
      CHECKIN_SEL_SUB service. The check in happens and triggers a
      workflow for the content type, but when the new revision goes into
      workflow...there are not any workflow notications that happen. I
      though that the entry event might be getting skipped, but I proved
      that not to be the case because I wrote a variable to the companion
      file to test this in that event and it shows up. I also added a call to wfNotify
      in the custom idocscript of the entry event for the workflow and we
      still do not get a notification.

      When I look at workflow info page for the content item, it shows both
      the mail notification and work notification being sent to the
      appropriate people...but none of us received the notifications.

      Has anyone seen this before? Is there something I might have missed in creating
      the component (Java class method does the execute of the
      CHECKIN_SEL_SUB service)? If anyone has any thoughts I would greatly
      appreciate the assistance.