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    Being advised to call imagemagick from my application - seeking opinions


      We use ordimage to store our customer's images in the database. When an image is created we want to automatically compress the image and generate thumbnails. We are using database and we are having a problem where images over a few hundred kilobytes are failing when processcopy is called. We have worked through it with support and no solution was forthcoming so we devised a workaround where a 10g database will sit on the same server and perform the process and processcopy and then write out image files using the ordimage export method. These files can then be imported into 9i no problem.

      When we proposed this solution to our server team they were not keen to install a 10g database for this purpose and have proposed that we use a program called imagemagick to perform the image processing instead.

      I'm not particlarly comfortable with this suggestion - I wonder if anyone has any opinions on this program and whether it is suitable for use in a live application.

      paul schweiger
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          We've had several customers use Image Magick in this way. Usually it is to process image formats that Oracle Multimedia does not handle.

          What is the source of your discomfort? One thing you should be careful about is security as you make calls from the database server to a program running outside Oracle.

          Hopefully Marcel will chime in, as he has experience coding these solutions and may offer some design advice.

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            Hi Robert

            Thanks for the reply

            I think my discomfort stems from the fact that I've always seen it as desirable to use the database if at all possible. And only resort to using a third party app if there was no way to meet our requirements in Oracle.

            I was also concerned about scalabilty and robustness but I feel more comfortable in the knowledge that other customers have used this product in their applications.

            And yes I would be extremely grateful for any design advice :)