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    General questions on RDF & Oracle

      Hi all!

      I´m preety new to RDF and Oracle (just did some work on Sesame and Jena and a few other RDF triple stores). I was wondering how i could start off using Oracle as a triple store for my RDF data. Are there any tutorials or how-tos, which could lead me the way? I already found the 3 tutorials on the main page, but there are still further questions how to execute sparql queries and so on...

      I just read here about the chance to use Oracle Spatial 11g to manage RDF data, but feeling preety lost right now.

      Any help would be great!

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          Oracle provides a scalable semantic store for enterprise applications. It has a SQL-based interface for semantic queries and also a SPARQL interface via the Jena API.

          The Oracle-By-Example and the other training material on the training page (click on 'Training' on the main Semantic Technologies page) are good places to start. The tutorial slides also give a good overview of the product.

          For executing SPARQL queries you need to download the Jena Adaptor Release 2.0 for Oracle database. This is available for download by clicking 'download Jena Adaptor' from the main page. The Jena API can be used to develop applications and write SPARQL queries that will be executed using the Oracle RDF store as the backend.

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            Thanks a lot!!

            I allready worked with Jena so i hope i will manage all this stuff ;) Ok, i´ll have a try and i know where to ask, if something fails ;)

            Merry christmas folks!