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    Error: Message instance not visible in ESB control

      hi All,

      I am facing a problem related to oracle ESB control.

      I have designed an ESB system that replicated records from one database to other. The system is all working fine but the ESB control do not display processing of messages under instance view of it. This was not the same always. Initially when I designed the system as new, that time the control was displaying message instances. However, when a message payload is corrupted than it is not processed and hence shown as error/faulted in control. I believe the service keep processing the faulted message since the subsequent messages were also stucked. To get the system working, I purged the faulted instance. Thenafter, the system resumed processing of messages. However, after purging, the control stopped showing processing of message in instance view. Even if the message is corrupted than also nothing is displayed in control.

      Can anyone help me in restoring the instance view of ESB control?

      Any help is highly appreciated.

      Sandeep G.
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          The problem with ESB control of not displaying Message instance is resolved now. Following is the step taken to resolve the problem:

          *1. Cleaning of ESB_ACTIVITY table in ORAESB:* To my understanding, this is the primary table that stores the processing of message instance. After analyzing the data closely in ESB_ACTIVITY, it was found that this table is simply storing the message instance and doesn’t contain any part of application configuration. Hence I cleaned the data by deleting all message instance and it resolved the problem. The ESB Control started displaying message instances.

          Please note that the above points are as per my understanding and if anything needs to be corrected that feel free to revert on this thread.

          Reference: http://orasoa.blogspot.com/2008/03/purging-esb-instances.html

          Sandeep G.

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