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      Please reslove the following error to continue.

      You do not have permission to access this funcationality.

      Viewer Excel 2000 Reporting NO

      Select integrator

      The integrator defines the functional are of your document

      Integrator Fixed assets - Additions

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          Your question, if one exists, has no relationship I can see to either Oracle Corporation or the topic of this forum: "Database - General."

          Please post it on the right website or the right forum and include both full versioning information and a complete description of what you are asking including at least one question mark.
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            I m unable to apply here the screen shots.

            What can i do ??
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              Hi Sks,
              you can't attach any file to your thread.

              from FAQ--
              {color:#0000ff}*Can I attach files to my messages?*
              Sorry, due to security and legal reasons, attachments are not supported.{color}

              I would suggest you to read Oracle Discussion Forums FAQ at [http://wiki.oracle.com/page/Oracle+Discussion+Forums+FAQ?t=anon]

              However, your question seems to be very interesting. Is it related to oracle, anyway? if yes, please give the details... it will help us to understand the question.

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                You can not attach screen shots nor will screen shots provide us with anything followed by a question mark which is required.

                If your issue is language skill then find someone to help you translate your question into English.