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    Daemon error while connecting:/@ocproddc


      I am using Oracle Clinical version 4.5.0. OC back end is installed on Windows 2000.

      PSUB batch job has hung with “ENTERED” status. Log file is showing following error:

      ERROR: Daemon error while connecting:/@ocproddc

      ORA-12154: TNS: could not resolve service name

      Please provide solution.


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          Hi There,

          First check in Services Manager to see that OracleTNSNames service is running. If it is running go to Step 2. In not start it and then restart PSUB service and try to run a job.

          Step 2
          Lets say you have installed OC in D drive.

          Go to D:\oracle\ora92\network\admin\tnsnames.ora

          Open tnsnames.ora in notepad and check to see whats the "Service Name".

          Make sure that the Startup parameters you are giving when starting PSUB contains SID which = Service name

          For example service name is ocproddb then:

          Start PSUB as RXCPROD with parameters:

          ocproddb 45 verbose D:\\opapps\\oc\\45

          Let me know whether it helps.

          Best regards

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            Can I have your E-Mail address Or Contact number?

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