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    Charge Account in iProcurement

      Hi to all,

      We have just upgraded our instance from 5.9 to 5.10.2 and in this upgrade. iProcurement was enchanced. Question we have is the charge account in the check out process. When we go to check account, the charge account row is availabe with default string coming from HRMS.

      But when we enter project information. That charge account default string does not get changed until you hit the submit button or next. But we are looking to see if there is a profile option or forms personalization.

      That when you finish entering all the project information the charge account gets changed before we hit the submit button or next.

      As this will give the user a chance to verify if the account string is correct or not before continuing.

      In 5.9-iProcurement. when you submitted project info and clicked on submit. It automatically changed the account string and then can continue forward.

      If anyone has some experience in this. Please let me know.

      Thanks in advance.
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          Niels LM.
          Hi KDF,

          Here are a couple of Profile Options that you could look at to see if they have an impact on your problem:

          PA: Allow Override of PA Distribution in AP/PO
          If set to Yes, a requester can make project related changes to the charge account information in the Edit Charge Account page and Allocate Costs to Multiple accounts page.

          POR: Generate and Display Account at Checkout
          If set to Yes, iProcurement generates and displays the charge account at checkout.

          The profile option determines how or whether to display charge account information at certain points during the checkout process:
          • The POR: Generate and Display Account at Checkout profile option affects the first
          step of the checkout.

          The default setting for the POR: Generate and Display Account at Checkout profile option is No. When set to No, no charge account information appears during the first step of the checkout. (Charge account information always appears when you edit lines and on the last, review-and-submit page of the checkout.)
          When POR: Generate and Display Account at Checkout is set to Yes, the charge account appears during the first step of the checkout, in the Billing section of the Checkout: Requisition Information page. (If the charge account varies by line, then the Charge Account field displays a Multiple link.)

          An additional issue that may influence the generation of the charge account after the account generator WF's have been executed is the Expense Charge Account Rules.
          When determining the default charge account, the account generator may reference the charge account defined on the employee record. Expense Charge Account Rules enable you to override one or multiple segments of that default account based on the item category. This ability to override does not interfere with the action of the account generator, but replaces those segments you configure after the account generator has created a charge account.

          Niels LM
          Miracle Business A/S