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    ROR and RAC

      What is the current state of the oracle/oci8 adapters and the active-record-oracle adapter with respect to using TAF with 11g RAC?

      Are there any references available or code examples that take advantage of TAF?


      Alan Davis
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          Ruby-OCI8 is maintained by Kubo [kubo@jiubao.org|http://forums.oracle.com/forums/#]. You can send email to him or to the Ruby-OCI8 developer mailing list
          [ruby-oci8-devel@rubyforge.org|http://forums.oracle.com/forums/#]. AFAIK, TAF is not supported yet. BTW, DRCP feature is supported in Ruby-OCI8.

          - Jesse
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            I've been using Rails with Oracle 10g / XE and all my tests seem to show that TAF works out of the box.

            I even got a problem where TAF (i think) wants to recover connections broken (due to innactivity timeout) by a firewall. This thing leads to another 8~10 minute timeout (which I think is related to the TCP implementation in Solaris 10)

            To enable TAF you only have to configure it in your tnsnames.ora. I don't think you have to change anything in your code.

            Luis Reis