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    install collorbation suit

      Hi Friends,

      We have app. server10 R2 and database 10g R2 database server in directory. Now I want to install oracle collaboration 10.1.2. is there any issue for collobration install?

      Do I install this suit in other direction?
      Could we map app. server infresture anddatabase? or we need to install whole suit for version control?
      Our system is win2003

      Thanks for help.
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          Anurag Tibrewal

          You can use same infrastructe database for OCS which you configured it for AS.
          But you require additional database for OCS component schema like Calendar , Content, mail. Same database can also be used.
          I would suggest you to use different machine for OCS application tier as the ram used by OCS application tier is too high.

          Anurag Tibrewal
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            Roberto Barrera
            I'll suggest to make a new installation of Collabe Suite and then migrate the apps you have in the OAS to this, or make a new installation of the midtier pointing to the infra of the collab suite.

            Because the collab suite is a more complex OAS, will be easy to jump from a collab suite to a oas, than jump from a oas to a collab suite as you want.