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    Oracle Messenger - Search Archives

      In previous versions of Oracle Messenger, the instant message archives were stored locally on the computer in plain-text. Our most recent upgrade, to, appears to now store the archives in a binary format. There is no easy way to search archives anymore. Is there a way in OM to search archives or have it save them off in text format so that other search tools, like Google Desktop, can index them?
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          Archives are encrypted. You cannot turn it off.
          In future there may be a tool to export archive.
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            Any idea when this tool is coming?
            RTC is being decommissioned and while the archive files will be available, they cannot be viewed unless you login.
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              Temporarily you may ask ST Operations (headed by Campbell Webb) to keep IM up to be able to access Archives.

              For long-term permanent solution, you may ask for tool, which as of now i think needs to be developed.
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                Well I checked with GIT and it seems they are not interested in having that kind of software application to read those archived messages.

                They gave me this:

                "While IM can be a convenient collaboration tool, it is not appropriate for substantive business communications, which should be appropriately documented in a written record (for example, an email, a letter or a change order). IM transcripts should not be stored or saved except in accordance with the Document Retention Policy or as required by law. You may not configure your IM service to automatically save all transcripts of your IM communications unless there is a business need to do so and you have obtained prior approval from the Legal Department."

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                  How is it Oracle's place to determine if IM is an appropriate communication medium for businesses? And besides, why give the client the ability to archive if they cannot search it? I understand archiving on the server for audit purposes or what not. Sorry, I'm ranting. :0)

                  We do use OIM as a convenient tool for collaboration, and we do not use it for official documentation or anything of the sort. But more often than not, someone may help you with something over IM or you remember a conversation, and it would be nice to search your local archives. Or search the server's archives stored in DB tables. Why are the local archives encrypted now? Could there be an option to determine how they are stored on the client?
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                    Has there been any update on this? Who should be contacted for this support?

                    I don't get what the point of having logs is if we cannot search them. If a co-worker tells me what dev server an instance of an app is running on why shouldn't I be able to search my logs for it? Why do I have to open up the log viewer, select the co-worker, and then go day-by-day until I find the conversation?
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                      Why do I have to open up the log viewer, select the
                      co-worker, and then go day-by-day until I find the
                      Precisely. There are many such gaps in the RTC Tools. The developers apparently have no idea how non-geeks actually do or want to use these tools. I am confused as to how does Oracle view the RTC Tools. Are they done developing and improving them? Are they going to drop them?
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                        Can someone from Oracle comment on this? Is there any development on Oracle Messenger? Is it being replaced with Beehive?

                        Also, with the archives encrypted, I cannot get at my archives without being signed in to messenger. To see the archives with another user, I need to be able to see them in my buddy list, and right-click on them to view the archive. Right now, I cannot login to our company's server, and I need to see a conversation I had with a colleague. But I cannot.