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    Setting up ASM in a XP environment (under Vista VM - no Linux whatsoever)

      I going through the all-in-one cert exam guide (Watson and Bersinic) and having a heck of time with Chapter 33. First, how do you get ASM to discover the disks? I have tried asmtool (and asmtoolg) to stamp the disks (no problem), but no matter what diskstring I use, the disks are never discovered. Any ideas?

      FYI - these are Vista machines running MS VM with an XP slice (again, NO LINUX! =). Unfortunately. Anyway, i am not a windows guy, and I suspect that the user account does not have access to the unformatted but partitioned disk slices. In unix land, we would grant owner privs to the os_dba account. Is there a similar story for Windows? The windows user account does have admin privs, but I am not sure how that translates into "ownership" per se.

      Any and all advice would be appreciated!