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    ALSB data transfermatiom

      I am new to ALSB I am trying to do one simple secnario that is concatination of the first name last name. I have created two xsds, one for input and other for out put. By using this files how will i do the transfermation in the file content.

      I am awaiting for the kind replay.

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          James Taylor-Oracle
          You need to import / create the xsd in your osb project. You can then create an xquery and use the xsd as the input and output.

          Then it is just a matter for dragging the 2 fields, look at the source then modify to place a space or a comma.

          In your project use the replace action in your pipeline and use the xquery as the expression.

          From memory it is something like

          xpath = .
          variable = body
          expression = xqury you have just created.