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        Thanks for posting this, tobermei !!

        I tried exactly as you suggested and is working (no kernel panics at least) on Leopard (10.5.2).

        Mine is a development machine; so far I am not worried about there being too few processes. I've set processes = 40 and job_queue_processes to 5.

        Now, however, the listener is not starting as it did in Tiger, but that's another matter...

        Thanks again!
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          I need sqlldr!

          I have instant client + sqlplus running fine on leopard, but it is missing sqlldr, which is the only other executable I believe I need. But I have a problem:

          1. I cannot run the broken installer for the full client to get the sqlldr executable
          2. I do not have a mac oracle install I can copy it from
          3. Perusing the files shipped with the installer, I have not found where/how to extract the sqlldr executable

          Can someone tell me where/how to find/extract the missing components to add to my instant client? I have instructions how to set them up http://www.nyoug.org/Presentations/2007/200703_Ji_Instant%20Client.pdf,

          I just need the physical files!

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            I am happy to report that the recent release of Mac OS X 10.5.3 fixes the problem with the kernel panic when the Oracle initialization parameter "processes" was greater than about 75. I have just upgraded to Mac OS X 10.5.3 and was able to bring up the Oracle database server with processes set to 400 with no kernel panic.

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              Excellent - thanks for the update.
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                Hi all,

                First of all, don't care about my english, I'm French so it's not perfect, sorry :o)

                I just got my new MacBook and I need to install OracleDB on it (MacOSX client 10.5.5).

                I downloaded 10g for Mac but it doesn't work, I have Linking errors when I first click next...
                I created the user, groups, directories, sat the owner, permissions and environment variables but nothing is working.

                In the documentation I found on Oracle website they tell us to take a look at the mafe file but it doesn't exist... or I search at the good place.

                If someone has already got this problem please help me, I really need it.

                Thank you in advance.

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                  Ronald Rood
                  Currently the problem is in the word 'new' macbook. It will be an intel machine and at the moment the 10gR1 database only runs on powerpc macs.

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                    Thank you very much for the very fast answer.

                    Is there another version wich runs on Intels?

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                      Oracle has only released [client software|http://www.oracle.com/technology/software/tech/oci/instantclient/htdocs/intel_macsoft.html] for Intel Macs, but not the full database server software. If you want to run the Oracle database on your Mac, I suggest installing on a supported OS running in a virtual machine (VMware Fusion, Parallels, or VirtualBox). Michael McLaughlin has a [very thorough post|http://blog.mclaughlinsoftware.com/how-to-configure-mac-os-x-as-an-oracle-client/] on his blog about using an Intel Mac as a client for a database server running in VMware Fusion.


                      John P.
                      • 38. Re: Oracle 10.1 + Leopard
                        Ok, thank you very much for the answer, now I definitly know where to go.

                        Best regards.

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                          Hi Paul
                          can u guide me step by step how to install Oracle 10g on mac 10.5.6
                          i had been searching every where but no luck
                          also i came thru many sites saying for install vmware n all so
                          is this necessary??
                          plz guide me...also any help from others is appreciable
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                            If you are running an Intel-based Mac, then a virtualization solution (Vmware, Parallels, or Virtualbox running a Windows or Linux virtual machine) is the only option for installing the Oracle database. There is no Intel Mac version of the database software available at this time.


                            John P.
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