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    Advanced Formula Help

      I have a formula in a property that uses the ParentPropValue function. This only works on local nodes. Does anyone know a good way to check Property Values on global nodes? I tried the ParentProp deriver class and that again only apprears to work on local nodes. And I tried the AncestoryProp class and it got me closer, however it returns every node as true.

      If anyone has any ideas I'd appreciate them. If you need more detial, plase let me know.

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          If you think about it, Parent/Ancestor values are only valid for local nodes. You are querying the value of the Parent which may or may not be the same in other hierarchies, so obviously those values are only valid from a reference point in the hierarchy you are in. You aren't describing exactly what you are trying to do with the Hierarchy values or why you are trying to check them so I am not sure what you are trying to do.