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    Export Master Data Model from MDM solution.


      I have been assigned the requirement to integrate our product with your “Master Data Management” solution. To be more specific, I need to import the Mater Data structure (model), from your companies MDM solution, into our product to build its table/column structure. What I am looking for is technical documentation that will help me make this possible.

      Here is a list of some questions I have that technical documentation could address:
      •     Does your MDM solution have the capability to export the underlying Master Data structure (model)?
      •     What form is the data structure exported (db schema, data dictionary, etc)?
      •     What format would the exported information be in (XML, delimited text file, SQL DDL)?
      •     If the format is XML, is there an XML Schema that defines what it will look like?
      •     Do you have any sample export files that I can work with?
      •     Is there technical documentation that would help me make this possible?
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          If you want to integrate with DRM I would suggest using the API (check out the SDK). This is the preferred and supported way to inject or extract from DRM from an integration standpoint. You can also do imports/exports, for example exporting a hierarchy in XML, to a table, etc.

          Directly modifying the tables is not supported or encouraged; the DRM engine enforces many rules like validations, keeps multiple versions, tracks changes in transaction logs, etc, besides the fact that the database structure can change during upgrades. Additionally, due to the dynamic configuration capabilities some things like property values are stored in a one-to-many table that may be pivoted from what you expect.
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            Doing anything directly with Object Model outside of using the API is asking for trouble. The repository is a highly normalized data model that has built in logic to support and enforce the models RI and doing anything outside of the UI or the API will guarantee you nothing but grief.

            The UI is built on the same API that is available for developers. In fact many of the Workflow applications that integrate DRM (MDM) use the published API. If your organization chooses to go outside the UI (User interface for data entry, the bulk loader, or using the automator functions of the tool) then you will really need to consdier custom code (C#, or JAVA) using the published API.