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    Error Publishing Smart Space Framework

      Hello eveyone:

      After connecting to the Administration Utlity, i ´ve tried to publish a framework but i get the following error:

      Mage: can´t sign, check certificate

      This is the first time i´ve used smart space, could someone give me a hint? and another question. Is true that i fisrt need to publish a framework before i can download the smart space cliente on a computer?

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          Please verify that you have selected a "certificate" in the Admin Utility to "sign" your framework, services and gadgets.

          Use the "Settings" button to display the dialog that displays the certificate in use. If you do not have a certificate for your company, you can use the sample certificate provided with Smart Space. In the Admin Utility install directory there is a "TestCertificate.pfx" that can be used for this. Press the "Select from file" button and select this file from the file system. The password for the sample certificate is "Test". This information and a more detailed description is also documented in the help docs for Smart Space.

          If you have a certificate selected and still encounter this problem, please contact either tech support or me directly (rob.hull@oracle.com) and we will look at your specific installation to resolve this problem.

          Also, it is correct that you need to sign & publish the following Smart Space components before being able to download & use the Smart Space desktop client. Under the Admin Utility installation directories you will find the following directories, which contain the Smart Space framework, services and gadgets to sign & publish.

          framework - single Smart Space framework file (required for all installations).
          services - sign & publish those services that your desktop clients will use to connect to backend servers.
          gadgets - sign & publish those gadgets that your desktop clients will use as UI components on their desktops.

          Rob Hull
          Development Manager
          Oracle Smart Space
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            thanks,i choosed an incorrect certificate.