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    HELP: Planning Time Fence Control


      We have a business requirement where we have Firm Purchase Orders and WIP jobs outside the planning time fence (PTF). We then have new demand for the item coming from SO. When we run MRP, the system is extending the planning time fence up to the Need by date of the latest PO so this means there will be no stock to cover the new demand and we are in backorder!


      Item: ABC
      Item Leadtime: 5 days
      PTF: 5 days
      Sysdate : 09-Feb-2009
      Firm Purchase Order: 20-Mar-2009 (outside the PTF for the item)
      WIP job demand: 20-Mar-2009

      New SO 5000001252 with schedule ship date 17-Feb-2009

      To cover the demand for SO 5000001252 MRP is suggesting a new planned order for 20-Mar-2009.

      Plan option:

      Profile MRP:Firm Planned Order Time Fence = No
      Overwrite = None
      Append Planned Orders = Yes
      Planning Time Fence Control = Yes

      Has anybody come across this scenario? How can we force MRP to suggest a Planned Order for the 17-Feb-2009?

      Can the above requirement be achieved with ASCP?