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    Setting  "v$session.program"  oracle JDBC   connection   property

      Hi ,
      I would like to know how and where i can set the oracle JDBC connection property "v$session.program" (Ability to set the program field on the Oracle v$session ) on WebLogic server (9 and above) on config.xml or maybe other place . i found some reference how to do that in Oracle Application Server but nothing for WebLogic . My general idea is to be able to finalize via Oracle OEM which connection pool is performing specific SQL statement , this will be done by setting the property "v$session.program" with the value of the connection pool .

      Thanks .
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          Timur Akhmadeev
          In connection pool's config XML, which resides in ${DOMAIN}/config/jdbc/{some-name}.xml add a property v$session.program with wanted value, like this:
          After that all Oracle sessions for connections from that pool will have test-program in v$session.program field.

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          Corrected path to jdbc config