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    Migration steps for World A7.3 to E900

      We are planning for migration from World A7.3 to E900, I want to know what are all major steps I need to do and how to migrate the world existing user to E900. We want to have same user security on E900 also what we had it on World A7.3. Let me know if anyone has idea?
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          john dickey, mccarthy
          I think your best bet is to contact World support for assistance. What you are trying to do is something that very few people are doing. Most World customers are staying in World, moving to A9.1. They are not moving to One World/Enterprise One. So the chances of finding someone who has done what you are planning to do is farily low. JDE support should be able to assist you on any questions with this kind of move (after all they support both A7.3 and the Enterprise One software. They should have a path mapped out for you on what steps you need to follow. If you don't have a support contract, you really need to get one if you are going to do this kind of migration.

          John Dickey