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    Issues installing unixODBC on OEL5

      1. Downnloaded 5 isos from Oracle E-Delivery
      2. Installed default packages and every development package i could see
      3. Trying to follow vague instructions at this location:

      Insert CD 3 and trying running command:
      rpm -ivh compat-libstdc++-33* libaio-devel* sysstat* unixODBC*

      Its all fine untill it lists a dozen or more dependancies for unixODBC mostly libodbc*.so.l files.

      What am i missing here???? can someone do a better job than the article and the installer and give me a clue or at least the right direction as to where these files can be found/downloaded/installed so i don't waste another 5 hours of my time trying to install oracle 11g on Linux?

      side note:
      here's a thought, when creating a distribution of linux for ...say...ORACLE...have the default install contain ALL that it needs to oh, i don't know...say run ORACLE!

      is it any wonder us new guys from Windows say f*** this?

      any assistance would be welcomed & appreciated
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          Avi Miller-Oracle
          The problem is that rpm doesn't handle the dependency checking, i.e. making sure the pre-requisite RPMs are installed before you start. If you're willing to reinstall, the simplest method is to customise the installation and enable the Oracle Validated package. This package ensures that all the prerequisite software is installed to enable you to immediately install Oracle Database 10g or 11g.

          To install the Oracle Validated package during installation:

          1. Follow the installation process as normal until you get to the first software selection screen (it lists a series of tasks that you can add support for, and has an option at the bottom: "Customize Later" and "Customize Now"

          2. Select the "Customize Now" option and click Next

          3. Select "Base System" in the left-hand list and then "System Tools" in the right hand list. Click the checkbox next to "System Tools", then click the "Optional Packages" button.

          4. Scroll down and select the "oracle-validated" package and click "Close"

          You can now click "next" and continue the installation as normal. This also creates the oracle user/groups, sets up sysctl.conf, limits.conf, etc. It's fairly nifty. :)

          If you don't want to reinstall, you need to use the up2date tool to register with Unbreakable Linux Network, which requires a CSI (i.e., you have to buy at least Network level access).

          If you don't want to reinstall and you don't have a CSI, you will need to create a local yum repository from the source CDs. This is slightly more complicated, so let me know if you want me to go into this option.
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            Thank you for your quick reply.

            I don't mind re-installing and i will do this, following your procedure in the morning and let you know.

            once again thanks
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              After re-installing and chosing the options you mentioned I had no issues except I had to set up some kernel parameters but thats it

              Thank you for your quick and accurate response to this, you saved the day

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                Avi Miller-Oracle
                You're welcome. :)

                The oracle-validated package does configure sysctl.conf for the correct parameters for Oracle Database 10g/11g, so I'd be curious to know what additional parameters you specified/changed.

                Also, please remember to mark this question as answered.
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                  The only thing I had to change was the net.core.rmem_default=4194304, it was set to 262144 and Oracle is saying that for 11g it is recommended to be 4194304. After that was changed I proceeded with the install successfully.

                  Thanks for your help
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                    Very nice, Avi. I gave it a try and it worked for me:


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                      Avi Miller-Oracle
                      Thanks Sergio, I appreciate the shout-out. :)