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    how to access physical files from java platform

      Hello All,

      We have one JDE Word Writer program, which export the order master data in the DB2/400 Physical files.

      We want to access this data from our java program (reside on windows platform). I am wondering how we can do that. I got one hint that can be accessed by ODBC connection. But I am unable to get the correct ODBC driver. I am looking for correct driver to access the data.

      If some one has done this already, please help me. Or suggest me any alternate way.

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          john dickey, mccarthy

          I am not sure I understand exactly what you are trying to do. Are you saying that you run a World Writer and have the output go to a file rather than to a printed report? Or are you saying that you want to access the actual data in the DB2/400 tables (physical files, as we call them in the AS/400 world)? Those are two different things that you are trying to get at.
          Then what are you trying to do with whatever data you are wanting to get to. Are you wanting to take the World Writer output and put into excel? Or trying to do sometihng else? Like maybe transactional processing of some kind? It really helps to detail what precisely you are trying to do. Otherwise you may get replies that are not helpful to you, as people reply for a situation different from what you are trying to do.
          Regarding ODBC drivers. Most all AS/400 customers have the IBM Client Access program installed on their systems. Pretty standard purchase with the operating system. That would have an ODBC driver in it. So see if you have Client Access on the system. If so, then you can install on your PC (run an .exe from an IFS folder to install on your PC) from the AS/400. If you need information on how to install and on the ODBC driver, you probably are better off contacting IBM support for assistance (too much detail to provide in a forum reply). But that is what I suggest you look for first when it comes to ODBC drivers.
          Hope this helps a bit.
          John Dickey