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    Connection time-out ?

      Hi all,

      I'll describe what apparantly is happening, the question is if there are some salt/tuxedo time-outs in play:

      A client application, on a Tandem platform , accesses our webservices published on Tuxedo by the use of SALT.
      When a peticion in launched, we see a connection established

      tcp 0 0 ESTABLISHED

      that remaines established for 5 minutes, and than disconnects. Is this 5 minutes some default timeout for the GWWS process ?

      PS we are in a testing environment so basically the client is sending a ECHO request every 15 minutes.

      On the other hand, if the client increases the frequency of ECHO's to every 10 seconds,
      apparantly the TCP/IP connection seems to be re-used and does not die after 5 minutes.