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    Doubt - Checkin Page

      Hi all,

      I want to know if is possible to add a button in the checkin page that allow us to find the documents (words, excel, etc...) that are in the content server. Someting like the primary file where I have the Browse button to find documents in my machine... but now a button to find the documents in the content server.

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          Srinath Menon-Oracle

          I am not sure why you want the search feature on the checkin page. The search page is what would suffice your requirement.

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            Hi srinathmenon,

            I want a button that show some types of documents, for example some templates, instead showing all the documents that are in content server.

            Thank you,
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              This can be done, but it would require a component and some work to get done. If I understand you correctly you maybe want to create content from several predefined templates and then perhaps even continue revising that content going forward. The issue is that initial check in when you want to get that first base rev in place from a template.

              Again, can be done but would take some work, more than can be explained on this forum.

              That said, contact your local services company for help, OR: take a crack at it yourself and keep coming back here when you get stuck. We might be able to help.
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                Hi jstortz,

                Thank you for your feedback.
                I will keep trying for get some help in this problem.
                Do you have, or someone have, a component that make this require or something like that?

                Thanks in advance,
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                  Swapnil Solanki
                  you might also create a custom HCST form, which can search the documents that you want to show for you (like words, excels, picture).
                  and then customize your checkin page to trigger this HCST page from there.

                  wat say you guys.

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                    An HCST would perhaps be a quicker (and even easier to maintain) way of customizing the check-in interface. You would still need a service on the back in that could be called to perform a server side check-in of your template document. So, you'll still need a component.

                    I do not have any that satisify this requirement, sorry.

                    If you have never tried making components before one of the best places to start is with the How-to-Components and then get a copy of Bex Huff's book on Stellent Development. You may have to request the how to components sample bundle from oracle support as that page is currently returning a 404 error on oracle.com.

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                      Thank you all for your opinions and ideas.