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    Jd Edwards and Oracle e-business suite

      Hello, I recently applied for a job posting seeking HRMS professionals with J.D.Edwards and have an interview next week. The thing is, I've only used the oracle e-business suite (for 2 years now) but I know that J.D. Edwards is owned by oracle. My question is, from a transitionary perspective, how easy is it for someone with fairly good knowledge (I think) of the Oracle e-business suite to move on to J.D. Edwards at least until Fusion arrives. Is the learning curve very steep or is it even easier to learn?
      Thanks for the help
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          john dickey, mccarthy
          Well, the answer depends on which version of JD Edwards that you would be working on. JDE had two versions of its software - 1) World, which runs only on the AS/400 (or iSeries or System i, or whatever name IBM calls it now), is DB2/400 only, and uses RPG as its programming language. 2) Enterprise One (One World). This is the GUI/Windows type version of JDE. Can run on various hardware and thus various databases.
          They are two very different technical environments. So would be helpful to know which environment you are being considered for.
          Though I will take a wild guess and say this is a Enterprise One/One World position. My opinion (and opinions are what you will get as replies to this) is that JDE would be easier to learn. Oracle has a very complex Payroll/HRMS system - the most complex I have ever seen. JDE is going to be a different world from the e-business suite world, so it will take you time to get up to speed. Probably more important to have a good knowledge of payroll than it is to have a knowledge of Oracle Payroll, is what I am thinking. Lack the basic payroll knowledge and you will have a harder time with the transition.
          John Dickey
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            Thanks a lot John. I'm sort of glad to know it's easier and I do have a good understanding of payroll. Are there any transferrable skills though from oracle to jd edwards open world (yes, that was the one). I've learnt things like xml/bi publisher, workflow builder, PL/SQL, Web ADI e.t.c along the way and well, it might be wasteful to throw it all away overnight assuming of course that I get the job.
            Thanks again