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    ALSB message flow properties

      Hi all,
      What is the best practice for extracting massage flow properties into some external file?
      I have created stage that reads external XML file, but I don't like that it reads it every time. Is there any built in mechanism to use standard properties file?

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          I'm not sure if you're asking how to WRITE or READ from files. Writing is simply a matter of calling a business service with the file transport. You'll only write files when the service is called.

          Reading, however, does use an interval. But you've probably found that you have a lot of control of how often it tries to find new files, what to do with them after it's been read - and even how many files to read at once. If those are the properties you're seeking you have the right at hand.

          If you're trying to read a file with parameters, don't use the file-transport. Create an XML file with your configuration data in it, name it "config.xq" and in your proxy flow simply create an assign statement that uses the config.xq as the source. The result will be that the content of your configuration file is now placed in the variable and you can use it in your flow.