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    Error in installing Oracle Software while adding node in RAC

      Hi All

      Oracle Version:

      In the RAC environment, I am in the process of adding a node to the existing rac environment.
      I have succssfully installed cluster software in the new node. all gsd, ons and vip services are running perfectly for new node in the existing and new nodes.
      Next step, I started installing oracle software by executing the script $ORACLE_HOME/oui/bin/addNode.sh.
      Here after specifying the the new node information (public host, private host and vip details) and when I pressed next,
      OUI is giving following error - "Error occured while retrieving node numbers of the existing nodes. Please check if clusterware home is properly configured".

      I ran olsnodes -n, it is giving proper node number.
      Can somebody help me in identifying the problem and solution.