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    Problem with infoWindowCallback attribute  of <dvt:mapPointTheme


      Im using PointTheme to display some data on the base map. At each point i need to display 3 values.

      This is how im displaying the values. Im using the attribute customPointCallback of <dvt:mapPointTheme.

      > customPointCallback="#{MapLaunchScreen.process_PointInfo}"

      Inside the funtion process_PointInfo (backing bean function), i built some logic to display different values for each point.

      On doing this my data will be displayed some thing like this on the map. +1,0,-1 or -50,45,78.

      So when the user clicks on the point, a information window pops up. Inside that window, i would like to explain the what are all those values, like as below.
      UnderSold : -50
      Neutral : 45
      Over Sold :78
      So tried with the attribute named infoWindowCallback of <dvt:mapPointTheme. Here im not able to display the data specific to a point. But I can only able to display some data which is common to all points. Not specific to each point.

      I mean, when user clicks on a point which has value -50,45,78 , the user should be displayed with an information window as mentioned jst above.

      can any one help me in this regard...


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