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    Error configuring profile - OCFOx.10,Outlook2007,VistaSP1

      I received a new WinVista system and I installed Office 2007 and OCFO v.
      When setting up a profile thru the configuration wizard, I get a message "Error configuring the profile. Please refer to the logs for more information"
      I found the logs at C:\Users\(profile)\AppData\Local\Temp\ocfoConfigWizardLog
      and this is the content of it (some obvious info was replaced with xxx)

      Date: 20:52:27 Tuesday, March 24, 2009
      ProA::Reset negotiated host name and master node login.
      ProA::Reset login method and master node login.
      ProA::<Next> clicked: --> start to configure...
      ProSP::Succeeded: Create mutex for checking offline credentials.
      Difference: m_ProfileInfor --> m_ProfileInforOld
      [1]:: [ProfileInfor1]: szCalServerName:          xxx.xxx <<--->> [ProfileInfor2]: szCalServerName:          
      [2]:: [ProfileInfor1]: szCalUserName:          xxxxxxx <<--->> [ProfileInfor2]: szCalUserName:          
      [3]:: [ProfileInfor1]: uMailServerType:          1 <<--->> [ProfileInfor2]: uMailServerType:          0
      [4]:: [ProfileInfor1]: szMailServerName:          xxx.xxx <<--->> [ProfileInfor2]: szMailServerName:          
      [5]:: [ProfileInfor1]: szMailAccountName:     xxxxxxx <<--->> [ProfileInfor2]: szMailAccountName:     
      [6]:: [ProfileInfor1]: szSmtpServerName:     xxxxxxx <<--->> [ProfileInfor2]: szSmtpServerName:     
      [7]:: [ProfileInfor1]: szMailDisplayName:          xxxxxxx <<--->> [ProfileInfor2]: szMailDisplayName:          
      [8]:: [ProfileInfor1]: szMailEmailAddress:          xxx@xxx.xxx <<--->> [ProfileInfor2]: szMailEmailAddress:          
      [9]:: [ProfileInfor1]: szOfflineStorePath:     C:\Users\XXX\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\OCFO <<--->> [ProfileInfor2]: szOfflineStorePath:     
      [10]:: [ProfileInfor1]: szOfflineBackupPath:     C:\Users\XXX\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\OCFO\Backups <<--->> [ProfileInfor2]: szOfflineBackupPath:     
      MPW: ----->> Calling IMsgServiceAdmin::CreateMsgService(OCFO)...
      Error: MPW::#CreateService()-->lpSvcAdmin->CreateMsgService() [MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND].
      Error: MPW::#ConfigureProfile()-->CreateService() [MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND].
      ProA::ConfigureProfile--> Error configuring profile.
      ProSP::Succeeded: Close mutex for checking offline credentials.
      ProA::<Next> clicked: --> configuration finished.

      Any help would be appreciated.