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    How to stop receiving for Service POs

      We have set PO line type for service to not require receipts. However, this doesn't stop users from being able to enter receipts for Service POs.

      Is there a vanilla way to stop users from entering receipts for service POs. Please note that when we create the Service PO, we just enter a description but no item.


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          As far as I know there is no standard functionality to achieve this. As long as the record is in mtl_supply (which happens when you approve the PO), you will be able to receive it. But if your concern is about accounting while receiving, you just need to make sure to uncheck the Accrue on Receipt in the shipments while creating PO. This makes this shipment eligible for the expense accrual in the month end.

          Other than that you cannot track that quantity neither that will inventory is valued.

          Is that the concern or any other business requirement?

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            The only reason why we'd like this functionality is to prevent receivers from receiving a Service PO. Accounting shouldn't be affected but it doesn't make sense to receive service.


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              Although it is not a complete solution, but you can put some personalization that would make the receipt close tolerance for service po line to 100%. That way the line would get closed for receiving as soon as the PO is approved. Again, this will not prevent users from receiving the line. But if you are using iProcurement to receive, it the PO should not show up for orders available for receiving. And for receiving the line using forms, user will have to specifically check the checkbox to query for closed POs to receive the line.

              Hope this helps

              Nitin S. Darji
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                I disagree with you when you say it does not make sense. A number of companies would like to pay only upon seeing the evidence that the service is received. All depends on your invoice matching controls in AP. It may not for your organization, but there are many more that may need this feature.

                Just my thoughts.

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                  But whatz the need to stop receiving when you've created the PO, that is what it's made for and how will you further map whether the PO you've created has been fulfilled by supplier or not..

                  I agree with Naga on this. Might be your requirement but still intresting why organization is going for such kind of requirement.
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                    Dina Rotem

                    In our company we have a similar requirement. Service line type should not be received.
                    The business rules are -
                    - Item line type do accrue on receipt, and invoice matching method is either 3 or 4 ways matching (not a 2 way matching).
                    - Service line type do not accrue on receipt, and invoice matching is always 2 ways matching.

                    We have developed a custom.pll code on the PO form to prevent users from entering PO with different configuration.

                    We have an approval procedure for service lines, where the invoice is forwarded to the requestor for approval (verify the supplier has dlivered the service). Only then the supplier invoice for service lines is approved.

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