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    opportunity in the work plan

      One of my probabilistic branches is an opportunity ( I
      need to subtract the duration allocated to this task from
      the duration of a predecessor's task).Does anyone know how
      to do it?
        • 1. opportunity in the work plan
          Hi Elena,

          You can use a
          combination of Finish to Finish (FF) links and
          hammocks: use a FF link from the end of the original
          task (task A) to the end of the bit to subtract (task
          B). Make sure the task B is set to "Never stretch" (on
          Task Details, General tab).
          />This will effectively take some time off the task
          A. However, it doesn't really make the task A shorter,
          it just counts backwards from its finish. The final
          step is to use a hammock to measure the final result -
          this hammock has a SS link from the original task A,
          and a FF link from the task B.
          />I hope this helps!