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    Status reporting

      Hi -

      We have a requirement to enter
      text description along with time entry. I don't see a
      place put text notes at activity level in the P6 time
      sheets screens. What is the best way to do this ?<br
      Thanks in advance !
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          If I recall per activity there is the "Feedback to PM"
          button option in the General Tab on the right side
          where you can put in a text message there. It should
          be able to pull up in a report with the dates. There
          is also an Activity Notebook tab if there is one topic
          attached, you can enter data there. However, printing
          those up are a bit tricky (difficult to put on one
          line if that is what you are looking for).
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            thanks for the reply.
            Is there a limitation
            that only the primary resource can add note PM ? Do
            you know how to enable this to more than one person

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              As I recall only the primary resource has access to
              update information in Timesheets. Other resources
              assigned to tasks/activities can view only.
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                The ability to to leave Notes in individual Time
                Fields in Timesheets similar to Excel's Comments
                featur is an existing Enhancement Request. If you
                would like to add you company to the request please
                contact Primavera Customer Support at the following
                link: <br

                Have a great day, <br