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    Under/Overallocation on Reports?

      Hi -

      I am trying to create reports
      from the client (6.2) using the Reports section, so that
      they can be run in the web (using My Reports portal)where
      all our users have access. Basically, the requirement is
      by resource then by project and showing or flagging
      under/overallocation totals.

      I know
      in the web you can pull up a "spreadsheet" after selecting
      your project (or resource) to view under/over allocation
      by week. However, we have users (i.e. executives) that do
      not want to "drill down" but want a report to print for
      this information (more than 2 screens or mouseclicks and
      they dont want anything to do with the tool, so if I could
      get this on the My Reports timer to autorun daily that
      would be great). Obviously it is a calculated field, but
      how do I get that to show in the reports in the client? Am
      I missing something in the reports wizard? Or is this
      another thing I have to add to "request for future
      enhancemnts"? The web spreadsheet would be perfect in a
      printable report form, but again you have to "drill down"
      to get to it and its one project or resource at a time.

      Using the SDK, PMDB database or
      copy to excel directly is out. I HAVE to have it show up
      as a report in "My Reports" portals. If it can be done at
      all, which I am finding is more of the norm than the

      Also, is anyone else
      disappointed with the web version? It seems to be all
      things to everyone and yet is so restrictive and not
      flexible. I have documented about 4 pages of basic
      bug/functionality issues that I will be submitting to
      Primavera soon.
        • 1. Under/Overallocation on Reports?

          The ability to run a
          report on over/ under allocation is an existing
          enhancement request. Please contact Support at the
          following link:
          http://www.primavera.com/customer/support.asp if you
          would like to add your company to the is

          Have a great day,