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    Printing Option for Layouts

      Hello every one...
      Actually Im running through
      a problem, For a perticular project im chanining WBS
      bands, or defining header and footer option the changes
      are occuring in all the projects.. I dont want those
      changes in those projects.. What ever the changes im
      making that should occur in current project not in
      all...Plz help with this isssue..
        • 1. Printing Option for Layouts
          Printing options are layout specific, and will be
          saved when you save a layout, or will revert back to
          the last saved layout if you change your layout
          without saving.

          Best bet would
          be to create a layout specifically for that one
          project, and just set up your printing preferences
          within that layout, and run the layout each time you
          want to print that project.
          • 2. Printing Option for Layouts
            Thanks Michal.. I did what u have Suggested me.. it
            helped me a lot...
            • 3. Printing Option for Layouts
              Hello again... Micheal. I have one more problem in
              P6.., il be great full to you if u can let me know
              this problem...
              I want to insert an
              activity with a duration of 1 day... i did it but the
              dates showing two days work.. if im entering 0 (Zero)
              day duration.. the dates are coming right..... How can
              in get out of this issue your response will be highly
              • 4. Printing Option for Layouts
                Look at start date and time and calendar of
                Probably it is starting on a hour
                at first day that make finish day occur the day
                Ex.: An activity starting on
                january/01 16:00 h with original duration equal 1 day
                could finish at january/02 15:00 h, showing "two days
                worked" but 1 original duration day.
                • 5. Printing Option for Layouts
                  Yes always check the time - that is usally the guilty
                  party as to why a one day activity comes out to 2
                  calendar days. Also time gets messed up when for
                  example you have a 8h/d calendar for a project but
                  your overall user settings are for 10h/d.