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    Using Crystal Reports & P6

      Anyone had much luck utilizing Crystal Reports with data
      exported from P6? When using Crystal what is the best
      format for exporting purposes?
        • 1. Using Crystal Reports & P6
          My information is that the native P6 database is
          difficult to mine because there are fields in the user
          interface that are not available in the database. For
          example, a date field may be displayed in the user
          interface in date format. In the database, it may be a
          calculation of something such as start date and

          We are installing the
          P6 data warehouse as I write. The specs for the
          warehouse are available in POINT. We want to make it
          as easy as possible to use products like Crystal to
          mine the P6 data.
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            I've had good luck using SQL Reporting Services to
            "mine" data and build custom reports based on P6 data.
            Building the query may take some time, but all the
            information is there... The database schema is readily
            available on POINT - this is a good place to start
            learning where / how the program structures data.

            • 3. Using Crystal Reports & P6
              Please see 2002118122316 in our knowledgebase for
              further information on "Using Crystal Reports with
              Primavera SDK"

              If you have
              any additional questions on need further clarification
              please contact support at
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