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    Resource Seperation

      Is it possible in P3 to give it a group of resources, and
      allow it to pick the best resource based on

      Example - you need a
      crane for muliple projects over a period of time, you have
      three cranes. I know you resouce level it to schedule each
      task when at least one crane will be available, however,
      is there any way to know which crane? Which then can allow
      you to plan out where each crane goes after it's done with
      what it's doing?

        • 1. Resource Seperation
          Create three resources, one for each crane. You will
          have to decide which crane resource to assign to each
          activity, I would base it on location so the crane
          doesn't have to travel long distances in order to
          perform work on the next activity. Then when you
          resource level it will schedule based on crane
          availability of the specific crane you designated for
          each task.
          • 2. Resource Seperation
            Ok, that was probably a bad example. That makes sense
            and that is what we originally had done. However, what
            we actually have and need to do is...<br
            We have 8 teams (all equal as far as
            a resource). We have a whole list of tasks 50+ in the
            project all that can be done by any of the teams. What
            we want to do, if possible is tell P3 that a task can
            be done by any of the 8 teams, and schedule based on
            which task is ready and which team is available. But
            have some way of knowing which team is assigned to
            which task, so we can give them a list in the
            beginning and they can know what is next. We are
            treating a "team" as an object equal to 1, and basing
            our time on 1 unit/day for the pre-determined length
            of the task.

            Is this possible??
            • 3. Resource Seperation
              Please see page 176 of the Primavera Project Planner
              Reference MAnual for further information on Reource
              Planning. If you have any further questions please
              contact technical support. Please contact Support at
              the following link:
              http://www.primavera.com/customer/support.asp <br
              Have a great day,