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    Email in Contract Manager 12

      Has any one started to use the email import in Contract
      Manager 12?

      If so are you creating
      a new email address for the project or using a Project
      Members email?

      If you are using a
      Project email how are you handling the size limits? <br
      Have you found any other issues with the
      email import?

        • 1. Email in Contract Manager 12
          I belive there is not many users utilizing email

          I was testing it birefly,
          and I regret to see that sender address is not
          assigned to user account so in fact user A can send
          e-mails appearing as sent by person B. <br
          I would not use this functionality in
          production env until Exchange 2k7 is supported and
          security issues solved.

          />What size limits are you reffering to?<br