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    Web Cache Invalidator

      I cannot access the Web Cache Invalidator administration page. I should be able to access this with url http://<hostname>:<invalidation port> . When I enter this url, the "Enter Network" password popup window appears and I enter
      User Name: Invalidator
      Password: invalidator
      which is the default for accessing the Invalidation page.
      However, all I get is the page cannot be found error message. What must I do to access the Invalidator administration page?
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          I'm not exactly sure what you want to do. The invalidation port is for invalidation messages that are sent to the cache, not for administration. All administration is done using the Web Cache Manager UI. By default the Web Cache Manager can be accessed at http://hostname:adminport, where adminport is 4000 on a clean machine. If the installer detected another process running on 4000, then it might have selected a different port in the 4000-4010 range for the adminport.

          Anyway, try http://hostname:4000. If you get in, click on the Web Cache Manager link. The default username/pwd is administrator/administrator. After that, if you want to use the invalidation interface, navigate to the Content Invalidation link under the Operations section of the left side nav bar.
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            Hi ,

            i am unable to acess webcacheadmin and invalidator pages
            http://<hostname>:9400 (for webcache administration page)
            http://<hostname>:9401 (for webcache invalidator page)

            but checked with the status of webcache its alive

            How could its possible to know which process is running on which port.

            Pls Reply.

            Thanks and Regards,
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              Hi Azeem,

              You can run "$ORACLE_HOME/opmn/bin/opmnctl status -l" in you portal midtier.

              It will list down status of all components with their port number.