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    ocp center in chennai


      i am a student ..instrested in taking ocp-9i fundamentals exam....can any one provide me with details of chennai's oracle prometric center...and any website for free ocp mock test....
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          - Please be aware that sites/materials you ask for if likely to be considered as unauthorized training material and may get you banned from certifications.

          - If you think are offered what you think is a legitimite site please run it through [http://www.certguard.com/] first.

          - Please read other posts in this fourm, particularly the faq and blog posts at the top of the forum. And there is good information in other posts.

          - Please check out the oracle education site as there is a lot of informtation there.

          - By registering at prometric you can go part way through the examn purchase process and that will give you details of authroized prometric centers and some idea of when they offer exam sittings.

          - It is very important to get practice and experience, having the certification without this is likely to be of little value.

          Hope this helps - bigdelboy
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            Better you can do this in oracle Institute ,because no one gives offer like oracle institute even oracle workforce development....

            Please refer to this address for more information :



            Best regards
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              hi sir,

              thank u very much for your reply...it was helpful..but i am not still clear about the location of test center in chennai so that i can talk personally with them..i am not able to find the contact details...

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                Brandye Barrington-Oracle
                You can find Prometric testing centers in Chennai by visiting the Prometric website at www.prometric.com/oracle.

                Brandye Barrington
                Certification Forum Moderator
                Certification Program Manager
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                  First you may register cerfication exam on oracle website . They will contact you within 7 days (through mail or phone call)



                  1. Better you can go to oracle institute and register.

                  Oracle Education
                  8th Floor, Acropolis New No. 148,
                  Old No. 67, Dr. Radhakrishnan Salai
                  Chennai - 600 004
                  Phone : +91 80 4108 4650
                  Toll free Number : 1800 425 8877 (Toll free in India)
                  Email id : edus_in@oracle.com

                  2. Finally they will give exam center details. It might be in

                  Sterling Manor,
                  111 Sterling Road,
                  Chennai 600 034.
                  Tel : 91(44)-43021415/ 16

                  NOTE : My request you dont know anything , better you may call exam contacting person in chennai

                  Mr.Ganesh - 04466346114

                  Best Regards
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                    thank u very much sir for the information...i will contact him soon...
                    you put an end to my 1-month search for ocp centers...
                    thanks a lot..