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    How to start SOA Suite 11g Server

      Hi All,
      I recently installed SOA Suite 11g successfully. I configured BAM and B2B also. But I do not know how to start the server and I do not see the start server symbol in JDev as well..I configured integrated server and still I don't know why...

      Can some one please help me out of this issue...

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          If your Configure SOA command completed successfully you can start the server in one of two ways. First you have to have a composite application open in JDeveloper. Then choose either the Run command, which starts the server and deploys the composite or choose the Start Server Instance command. The Start Server Instance command is disabled unless you have a composite open.

          Try the tutorial in the Installation guide: http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/ias/bpel/techpreview/index.html