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    No Response from Application Web Server

      Hi there,

      I have an j2ee application deployed on 2 separate 10.1.2 app servers with a physical loadbalancer and ssl offload device in front of appserver_1 and appserver_2. The vip on the loadbalancer is configured to point to the webcache listen port.

      When I have one of the mid tiers down, webcache serves the " No Response from Application Server " message. It does not seem to detect that the other mid tier is down. The ping interval is set to 10 and this is the same setting in our pre-production environments. I have double checked our webcache definitions and mapping. The configuration is the same. I have reviewed all other postings in this forum but is not able to find anything specific.
      I also have a similar issue on a portal cluster.

      My j2ee virtual host is defined as:

      NameVirtualHost *:<http listen port>
      <VirtualHost *:<http listen port>
      ServerName <vip>
      Port 443
      SimulateHttps On
      Rewrite Engine On
      Rewrite Options inherit
      OssoConfigFile < absolute path to conf file >
      OssoIpCheck off
      RewireRule <parameters>

      Has anyone experienced this issue with Webcache specifically?
      I would greatly appreciate all the help I can get on this.

      Thanks in advance!