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    Need advice on OCP exam...

      Hi All,

      I have recently earned the tag of Oracle(9i) PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate by clearing 1Z0-007 and 1Z0-147 exams successfully.

      I am planing to give OCP exam in the near future and would like to get some information on this regard.
      Firstly,i would like to know that can i give Oracle9i Database Administrator Certified Professional directly or not ?

      Secondly,if i opt to give 1Z0-146(Oracle 11g Advanced PL/SQL) exam to earn OCP, then do i need to submit any hands-on or do any instructor-led training ?

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          Apologies, I thought ( stupidily ) that you are in Database General Forum :( . So sorry!

          2nd thing, for all the certification related questions, do make sure , you check first of all the Certification site link, normally all the answers can be found from here.

          About going for 9i DBA track, though you certainly can go but I won't recommend you to go for it as you have cleared the first exam for the OCA 10g also, 007 and as 10/11g are the most current versions, you should start for the 10g track rather than 9i track. For the HOC requirement, yes you would still need to go for a course from either OU or from its approved partener to achieve your OCP credential. This applies even if you have cleared all the exams for the respective version's track. See this page for all the details for this,

          For the 146, I couldn't find any requirement for the HOC over its page,


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            My understanding is that Advanced PL/SQL Developer does not currently have a hands on course requirement.
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              Brandye Barrington-Oracle
              Correct - there is not a hands on course requirement for the Oracle Advanced PL/SQL Certified Professional.

              Brandye Barrington
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                Dear Sir/Madam

                Did you take any step to highlight who has Oracle certififcation with all companies. No body think on this and management don't know how many certified people they have on each one. Please Please do something on this level to highlight Oracle certified people.

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                  Dear Sir/Madam

                  Did you make any thought regarding how body think when certified nobody repeat same thing over and over? Please please to stop making fool for all companies highlight management.
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                    Thanks Aman.
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                      Thanks all