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    BAM Tech Preview 4 - Jdeveloper Connection Error

      I successfully got the BAM T4 installed.

      But when I am trying to get it connected from jdeveloper I am getting the following error

      On jdev 11g T4, the message is
      Invalid URL: http://localhost:8888/OracleBAMWS/WebServices/Wsil/DataObjects/inspection.wsilinspection.wsil

      On jdev, the messge is
      Authentication Failed for Basic realm="oracle-bam-webservices"

      Here are the connection details

      BAM Web Host : localhost
      BAM Server Host : localhost
      User name : xxxxxx
      password : xxxxxx
      HTTP Port : 8888
      RMI Port : 9085

      Any in-sights will be helpful.


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          I have the same problem for Jdev and BAM 11 TP4: "Authentication Failed for Basic realm="oracle-bam-webservices""

          And I have no problem from JDev 11 TP4 and BAM 11 TP4

          Connection details for JDev
          Host name: bam-dev.dyn
          Port number: 8888
          User name: fmwadmin
          Password ******
          Domain name:

          The domain name is empty, because this machine is in workgroup

          Connection details for JDev TP4:
          BAM Web host: bam-dev.dyn
          BAM Server host: bam-dev.dyn
          User name: fmwadmin
          Password ******
          HTTP port: 8888
          RMI port: 9085

          Is there the solution for this problem?

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