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    Sem_related error

      Hi all,
      i have a problem to use sem_related function. I created the rule index, the joining data table (Persons) and model (mdl) index. But when I tried sem_related queries, I got the following error message :

      select id, name from persons where sem_related(name, '<http://Mysite.fr/dacko/onto#memberOf>', '<http://www.Department9.Universite9.edu>', sem_models('mdl'), sem_rulebases('owlprime'), 123)=1
      ERREUR Ó la ligne 1 :
      ORA-29902: erreur d'exÚcution de la routine ODCIIndexStart()
      ORA-55458: l'objet est introuvable dans le modÞle
      ORA-06512: Ó "MDSYS.MD", ligne 1723
      ORA-06512: Ó "MDSYS.MDERR", ligne 8
      ORA-06512: Ó "MDSYS.SEM_INDEXTYPE_IM", ligne 848
      ORA-06512: Ó "MDSYS.SEM_INDEXTYPE_IM", ligne 456

      I don't know what is the cause. I ollowed the nci example unfortunately, I did not import data into patient_data table. So I wonder if there is a specific procedure to fellow.
      Pls, could you help me?

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          The URI, '<http://www.Department9.Universite9.edu>', is probably not present in the semantic network.

          55458, 0000, "object not found in model"
          // *Cause: The object value passed in as an argument to the semantic operator
          // did not exist in the model.
          // *Action: In the query using semantic operators, use an object value that
          // exists in the model and retry the operation.
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            The URI, '<http://www.Department9.Universite9.edu>', is in the semantic network. When I use sem_match like :
            select name from table (sem_match(' ?name <http://Mysite.fr/dacko/onto#memberOf> ?n )', sem_models('mdl'), sem_rulebases('owlprime'), null, null)) where n='<http://www.Department9.Universite9.edu>';
            I got some results. It's sem_related which in bothering me. Thanks
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              Could you please execute the following query and post the result.

              select value_id, value_type
              from mdsys.rdf_value$
              where value_name = 'http://www.Department9.Universite9.edu';

              Also, what version of Oracle are you using?