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    How to migrate datafiles to ASM

      Hello All,

      We are trying to find a way to migrate some datafiles that reside on the filesystem such as /u01 to ASM. We are running Oracle Is there a standard procedure somewhere that can guide us to do so?
      SQL> select tablespace_name, file_name, bytes from dba_data_files order by file_name; 
      TABLESPACE_NAME                FILE_NAME                                                           BYTES 
      ------------------------------ -------------------------------------------------------------- ---------- 
      SYSAUX                         +DATA/bbdev/datafile/sysaux.300.681724667 ;                      597688320 
      SYSTEM                         +DATA/bbdev/datafile/system.299.681724667 ;                      534773760 
      UNDOTBS1                       +DATA/bbdev/datafile/undotbs1.301.681724667 ;                     68157440 
      UNDOTBS2                       +DATA/bbdev/datafile/undotbs2.304.681724729 ;                     78643200 
      USERS                          +DATA/bbdev/datafile/users.302.681724667 ;                         5242880 
      CMS_INDX                       /u01/oradata/BBDEV1/datafile/CMS_INDX_file1.dbf ;                 23986176 
      BBADMIN_DATA                   /u01/oradata/BBDEV1/datafile/bbadmin_data_file1.dbf ;             52428800 
      BBADMIN_INDX                   /u01/oradata/BBDEV1/datafile/bbadmin_indx_file1.dbf ;             20971520 
      We would like to migrate the datafiles on /u01 to the ASM area called "+DATA". Could someone advice?