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    Windows 7 Oracle Client

      I am trying to install the 10G client on Windows 7 but it's OS checks are failing (7 has a build number of 6.1). When I try to use compatibility mode the installer won't even open (no errors, just flashes the startup screen and then disappears). I need to use the 10G client as I still have to connect to databases running 8 which the 11 client doesn't support. Anyone have any suggestions?
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          Anyone have any suggestions?
          Yes, install Oracle on a SUPPORTED Windows version. Windows 7 isn't yet released as production version and Oracle does not provide software for non-production systems.

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            Why does it have to explicitly block the install though? The 10G client comes with the fix for Transactions with .Net, but the only x64 version of the 11G client available (which at least lets you bypass the supported version piece) doesn't have this fix for some odd reason and the only way to get it is via MetaLink which I can't access.
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              1) I don't know that it is explicitly blocking anything. It's entirely possible that the installer makes a call that doesn't work any longer in Windows 7 or gets an unexpected result and causes the installer to crash.

              2) If the installer is bombing out, it is presumably erroring out validating the system prerequisites. You could try invoking the installer with the -ignoreSysPrereqs flag to explicitly ignore those checks.

              3) Echoing Werner, why are you using a pre-release version of Windows in the first place? If this is a production system, you'll really want to use an older version of Windows that the 10.2 client is supported on. Assuming that Oracle does go ahead and certify the 10.2 client on Windows 7 when it is eventually released, it will undoubtedly require a patchset to be applied to the client. So you'd have to run a different version of the Oracle client on a different version of Windows when everything gets production-ready anyway.

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                It does. When you run the installer it checks to make sure that the OS is 5.0, 5.1 or 6.0 and tells you it failed when that doesn't work. When I run it in compatibility mode it reports the OS version as being correct (6.0 instead of 6.1) but after that part it just doesn't run at all. It's really confusing.

                I tried your option for #2 and the installer worked! I can TNSPing now so the connections are working. The tool I use for connecting to stuff (Golden, from Benthic Software) is having trouble reading the oci.dll file for some reason, but I can work with them on that.

                Right now I am basically giving Windows 7 RC a shot. Oracle worked great on the Beta (even with Golden), but it was the 11G client without the new transaction support that I needed. Technically this isn't a production system though as it is a laptop and won't be hosting anything.

                Thanks for the help.
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                  Try to add 6.1 in your refhost
                  I success.
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                    Is there an ETA on this now that Windows 7 is going RTM around August 6th?
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                      So, I am running the release version of Windows 7 today and there is still not a supported version of the Oracle client for it.

                      In answer to an earlier question in this thread, one of the reasons why people would want to test the Oracle client with the pre-release version of an operating system is so that they can know what issues will impact migration when the operating system is available. Windows 7 has been available in public beta since January. Beta versions of the Oracle client would have been appropriate (assuming that it requires a code change). As a developer, I am using the release bits of Windows 7 (prior to the general availability date of October 22nd), so that my users will be able to depend on it when they can buy it (for us as early as September 1st).


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                        Hans Forbrich
                        You can bet your boots that Oracle has been busy testing and patching. No guesses when the release will happen, but history tells me that Oracle`s s/w release will not be coincident with Microsoft's release to public.

                        In the past, it's been a challenge to get reasonable documentation about the actual changed API out of Microsoft. And a huge amount of effort goes into regression testing, which requires time to be scheduled on the test harnesses (not an easy task in itself).

                        But if you want access to a beta version, contact your friendly Oracle Partner Manager or your Sales Rep. Oracle will likely never make an open public beta of their crown jewels available - they will almost always need an appropriate NDA signed rather than just check-boxed on the web, hence the need for you to initiate it through the appropriate channels.

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                          Any update on when an installer will be available?
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                            Hans Forbrich
                            user2546913 wrote:
                            Any update on when an installer will be available?
                            Soon. Almost guaranteed within the next 365 days. The exact date will be announced to the public, not just one community.

                            Your best bet, instead of asking the community - who do not have the information OR are legally constrained not to tell - is to watch http://otn.oracle.com (just like the rest of us)
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                              I got Oracle to install on Win 7 by altering the refhost.xml and oraparam.ini file. But now any apps I try to use on this workstation error out because they can't find the client.

                              Sqlplus does work though.

                              Any ides what to look for there?

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                                Claudio Solares
                                Hi guys,
                                Today I could install 11g instant client, to test it I downloaded sqlplus option and all is working fine.
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                                  Claudio, did you change something in config to acheive this? Also, does your software (not only sqlplus) succed to use it?
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                                    I was able to install 10g r2 x64 by modifying the orapram.ini and rfhost.xml.
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